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Fiorenzato F64 EVO


TOUCHSCREEN Display with CapSense technology


Grinding your coffee is a very important process for delivering  the Perfect  Coffee Experience in your café.

Therefore it is of the  utmost importance when choosing a grinder, that you consider , consistency, temperatures, the noise levels of grinding  and the variation range of grind selections which are all important factors to produce the very best ground coffee.


Scanwic  uses Fiorenzato as our preferred grinder of choice due to their  superior performance and an elegant design. Fiorenzato grinders are manufactured in Italy- the global Mecca for grinder and espresso machine innovation.


Established in 1936, and still family owned and  run by the founder’s two grandsons, the company has grown becoming known for its commitment to research and applying new technologies which have made tem leaders in their field.


A perfect  example is Fiorenzato’s patented inverter system which ensures precision and grinding consistency , whilst reducing motor energy and noise. Fiorenzato grinders are designed to ensure the lowest operating noise with highest reliability during operation in high coffee consumption environments, which includes cafés and restaurants.


Scanwic guarantee’s  a Fiorenzato grinder will meet all your needs and requirements and you can be at ease knowing we will provide timely assistance should your grinder need repairs or maintenance.

In most cases our customers find Fiorenzato grinders to be more economical to operate  compared with  competing brands of the similar specifications and capabilities.


“Super-fast” electronic coffee grinder doser





  • Continuous micrometric grinding adjustment

  • E Model = single-dose system

  • Standard coating

  • Standard fork

  • Grinding adjustment with ring nut

  • Power: 350 Watt

  • Flat grinders, diameter 64 mm

  • Grinder rev.: 1350/min (50 Hz)   –  1550/min (60 Hz)

  • Coffee bean container capacity: 1.5 Kg

  • Net weight: 14 Kg

  • Dimensions: 230x615x270 mm

  • Motor cooling = fan with thermostat activating only when the grinder doser overheats


  • Touch screen / display






  • Automatic cooling fan

available colours

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