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Maintaining our excellent reputation in the fields of our business activity, fulfilling customer expectations within increasing market competition through serving high quality products as well as targeting to be among the key suppliers of Italian Espresso machines, fruit juice dispensers and machines to produce ice coffee and hot chocolate.

our Vision.


Our customers can easily convey their complaints, information requests, suggestions or satisfaction directly to us via the various available contact channels of our company.



Fast Feedback

We put highly attention to reply all applications submitted by our customers in the earliest time.




All applications transmitted to our Company are evaluated through an objective approach which is taken into consideration in the solution process as well.



Customer Orientation

Our Company has adopted Customer Orientation Policy which offers the best service facilities and claims fulfilling all the expectations of our customers at the highest level.



Availability of Information

Our Customers can access the information in return of their requests in the possible fastest way.



Solution Orientation

We are trying to fulfill the needs of our customers through producing quick and effective solutions.




The use of personal information gathered during the application process is limited by law in line with the principle of confidentiality.



Taking Initiative

In order to fulfill the needs of our customers in the earliest time and to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level, our personnel are authorized to take initiatives when necessary.



company Profile.

A familly business

Scantecs is part of Scanwic, a professional family business. It was founded in 2005 under the leadership of Jan Geursen , along with his son Jesper Geursen .

Rapid growth

The company grew rapidly from day one. Jan Geursen : "We have discovered a gap in the market ." With the concept sales exclusive products from Italy for the better horeca , the number of customers grew from day to day.

Exclusive brand names

Brand names Caffè Moak , CIME, Scanwic Juice, Roots of Tea, Ronnefeldt and Arthemia.


A team with drive and passion 
Scantecs  works with a dedicated team of enthusiastic hospitality specialists who are trained in Italy , and through the right advice to advise customers know exactly how to tie their guests better to their business and how they can increase sales.




The employees in the administration and logistics are professionals who have a thorough knowledge of all our products. We find it very important that all our employees visit customers and are familiar with the hospitality industry.



Personal service is our top priority.

a Scanwic company
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